Bridgemark Education

At Bridgemark, we believe in bringing exceptional education to the world. We also believe learning isn’t a privilege – it’s a right for anyone eager for  knowledge and willing to work hard. We continually strive to share these beliefs as we open the doors of the greatest academic institutions in the world to you. And give you access to some of those colleges’ most brilliant minds.

Our academic partners are never simply just a location. We work closely with them to ensure you enjoy unique educational experiences in the most authentic way possible. And have the opportunity to create global networks and lifelong friendships.

As we grow, we will never lose sight of the unique spirit of curiosity, empathy, and collaboration that exists in the colleges where Bridgemark was born.

Bridgemark started out as Oxford Summer Courses in 2010, when two entrepreneurial Oxford alumni (Harry Hortyn and Rob Phipps) decided to share their passion for education. Since 2010 they’ve’ scaled across 4 continents and work with a quarter of colleges in Oxbridge.

We are especially proud to be the fastest growing education company in the UK (Sunday Times Fast Track 100, FT1000) and growing faster than 95% of UK scale-ups in any sector.

We are Bridgemark

  • We share exceptional, authentic education with the world (not just the privileged few).
  • We open the doors to the greatest academic institutions and resources, from the inside.
  • We believe cultural experiences and educational experiences go hand in hand.
  • We honour our surroundings and our partners. We never just use them.
  • We help build friendships, communities and networks that last a lifetime.
  • And we want you to be part of the magic.

What we’ve achieved

In short: not enough. We won’t rest until… well, we probably won’t rest. We’re too busy broadening our reach, widening access, and improving educational experiences and opportunities for everyone.

Having said that, we’re delighted to have won recognition for our work so far.

With awards for our company growth, our business performance, our values and our impact on society, we seem to be doing something right. Now we just need to do more of it, and better.


(received as Oxford Summer Courses)

  • 2020 – Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade
  • 2019 – Accredited by the British Council for English language courses.
  • 2019 – Financial Times 1000 – ranked 191st fastest growing company in Europe (4th for education).
  • 2019 – Sunday Times SME Export Track 100 – ranked 31st fastest growing SME exporter.
  • 2018 – Sunday Times Fast Track 100 – ranked 20th fastest growing company in UK (1st for education).
  • 2018 – Real Business & Breathe HR – Top 25 SME Culture Leaders 2018: ranked 2nd.
  • 2018 – Mishcon The Leap Future 100 – award for creating positive social impact.
  • 2013 – Accredited by the British Accreditation Council for short courses. Re-accredited in 2017.
  • 2010 – Founded by Harry Hortyn and Robert Phipps aged 24, their 3rd business together.

The Bridgemark Family

Melio Education

Melio Education offers online courses for 13-24 year olds. With personalised one-on-one learning with Oxford and Cambridge tutors, Melio is modelled on the prestigious tutorial system that has set the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge apart for centuries. Online learning, precisely tailored to the individual.

Oxford Summer Courses

Our most well-known offering, Oxford Summer Courses provides exceptional educational experiences, designed in Oxford and delivered by the best tutors in the best settings, worldwide. Each year, we welcome 2,500 students from over 110 countries to study with us across the UK, USA, India, and Singapore, who are taught by expert academics from Oxford and Cambridge.


O-Labs delivers STEM courses in London in the most effective and enjoyable way possible, fusing elements of Stanford University design thinking, the interdisciplinary approach of the MIT Media Lab, and Oxford University’s renowned educational traditions.